page contents This Girl Earns Rs 8 Lakhs Per Hour Without Any Job:

This Girl Earns Rs 8 Lakhs Per Hour Without Any Job

This Girl Earns Rs 8 Lakhs Per Hour Without Any Job: In today’s world money is the thing that becomes everyone’s first priority. We all need money to fulfill our desire. in the present time, you don’t need a job to earn money as there is a lot of ways to earn money. So in this article, we would like to introduce you to a girl that earns a very good amount of money by playing games.

This Girl Earns Rs 8 Lakhs Per Hour Without Any Job.



In earlier day hardworking is the key but now smart-working is the real key to success. When the internet is evolved globally then the money making model has completely changed. Now people can earn a good amount of money from Facebook, Youtube, Instagram etc. Now at least one of your friend earning a good amount of money through the online world.


This girl from Australia named Chelsea earning up to 8 lakhs per hour by playing online games. Ans she beats everyone in this field and earns a very good amount of money compared to others competitor.

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She is graduate in pharmacy but she had an interest in computers. She wants to earn money through the online world. So she started learning and entered in this field and earn a well amount of money.

How exactly she makes money through online gaming?

According to Chelsea, she earns money through subscriptions, advertisement, and sponsorship. People watch her videos online and she gets paid for it.


She said to the Reporter –—–

“They [viewers] enjoy watching you, your personality, how you interact with them. It’s more hanging out with them rather than watching you play.”

SHe also popular on Instagram, she has a huge number of followers on Instagram. She is close to achieving 47 million followers on Instagram.

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