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What is Android Oreo Go edition?

What is Android Oreo Go edition: We know that in case of budget phones the hardware are not that much strong, apart from that you probably are using the latest version of Android which is marshmallow or nougat but this is not that much good because you are not getting the best possible performance of Android, so we need a new version of Android so that the Android user get the better experience. That is why android brings to you the new version of Android which is Oreo GO edition. So let’s talk about the features in the Oreo Go edition.
Android Oreo Go edition

What is Android Oreo Go edition?
Android Oreo Go Edition

Google is one of the most successful search engines and also the most innovative company in the world. Google always care about their audience, so that Google always try to do something new for the Android users. And Google developed a software which is Android Oreo Go, and the software is specifically targeted to the budget-oriented phones where we get the limited specs like 1gb of RAM and 8gb of storage. And the phone has very limited storage and if you record a video and take some pictures then you will always face storage problem. But the latest version of Android (Oreo Go) can solve all problems whether it is storage related or performance related so that the budget phones user can experience the latest features of Android with great performance speed. The important thing to note that the Oreo Go edition is exclusively available for the budget-oriented phones in which the hardware is limited but not in the flagship phones like Samsung, Oneplus etc. Because the flagship phone can use the full version of Oreo as their hardware is capable of that.

Android Oreo Go edition
Android Oreo Go edition

Now let’s talk about some issue which is getting solved in the Oreo Go edition:

1)  Storage problem

In case of budget phones, the storage is very limited and if the phone has 8gb of storage then one-third of the storage is already filled with the os and other software so that we can use only the two third of the storage which is not enough. But in case of Oreo Os edition, the storage enhanced will be almost double, because the code of the OS will be less and the size of the pre-installed apps will be small. So that you will get more free storage.


2) Heavy Apps, Games and storage problem
Android Oreo Go Edition

The size of the apps that you will install on your android Oreo Go edition phones will be half so that you can install more apps and games. Also, Google launched an app which is called files go, the app is capable of any device. The main feature of the app is to manage your storage smartly. The app can clean junk files and it can help to delete the uninstalled apps and games. All I can say is that this is one of the best apps to manage your storage.


3)  Slow Performance

The budget-oriented phones have the issue with slow performance. But in case of Oreo Go edition, the performance will be much better. Google is launched some of the apps like Google assistant go, Google map go, with go variant so that app loading performance will be 50% faster.


4) Security and data saving

Google play protect will also scan all of those go variant apps so that the no malware and spyware can attack our device through this app. And most of the budget phones user are concerned about their data so in the go variant you will get all the features, for example, youtube go, facebook lite, skype lite and other local file sharing app to save your data.

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This is the complete package of android Oreo Go edition.

So it’s all about Android Oreo Go. Please let us know which android version are you using through the comment section below.

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